Albin Brun Alpin Ensemble

Albin Brun: Schwyzerörgeli (swiss diatonic folk accordion), saxophone

Patricia Draeger: Accordion

Claudio Strebel: Doublebass

Marco Käppeli: Percussion, Alphorn

Albin Brun is one of the most striking Swiss musicians who focus on alpine folk music. He has devoted himself to the search for a distinct, personal folk music between the poles of proximity and distance for many years and has made a name for himself with the „Pilatus“-projects and the NAH Trio. His compositions are characterized by great respect for tradition combined with openness for new forms and musically related atmospheres.

In his Albin Brun Alpin Ensemble he gathered established musicians, who bring broad experience from different contexts. Thus the band perform at prestigious jazz festivals as well as at folk music festivals and thereby show a great sensibility to draw their inspiration from the local folk music in a way which does not result in pseudo-jazz or a tribute to an idyllic rural world.

The music Albin Brun Alpin Ensemble plays lies somewhere between jazz, folk music and improvisation – playful, profound, virtuoso. Brun’s compositions move through different styles with great variation. Beside the references to different musical cultures, the closeness to his own alpine tradition is always the most important benchmark. In this way a lively, direct and unintermediate music full of drive and poetry develops. This spirited mix of joy of playing and devoted passion proves: The chemistry of this band is right.

The group repeatedly seeks involvement with different cultures. A result of this work is the band „KAZALPIN / КАЗАЛЬПIН“, a collaborative project from Albin Brun Alpin Ensemble with the female vocal trio Akana from Belarus. KAZALPIN went on various tours and released the much-noticed CD „East Side Story“ in 2011.

The individual members of the ensemble acquired valuable collective experience in different constellations, including music projects and tours in Namibia, Australia, Egypt and Europe, theater projects and audio drama music for the Swiss radio and collaborations with singers like Christian Zehnder, Bruno Amstad, Corin Curschellas and Isa Wiss.